About me

About me

Hello! All of you are welcome at https://www.mastermindtrick.in/ about us page. I started my blog on this blog's free platform and at the same time started blogging by purchasing the custom domain in my blog. Friends want to tell you something about you today. I did not know anything about blogging before blogging. But besides that, the knowledge of computer, mobile internet was very good, with the help of which it has begun to start blogging. In this, you will be given full information about Internet Information, How to earn money online, Technology related , health and fitness , mobile reviews and Android Tutorials 

About Admin/Author

My name is raghav bhati. I am 16 years old now. I am living in sardarsardar ( Rajasthan ). In this year 2019, computer engineering has started. And now I am part time blogging. I will continue.

I told you before that blogging was not known about one day, one day was searching for a job on the internet, how to earn money from online internet, we got a website that you can create a website and earn 10,000 rupees per month. about. So, in my mind, a reader posted on a new website every day and has been learning something from that day that we share to you from whatever we have learned from the internet.

Master Mind Trick Mission

Now the new information in this blog explains in ENGLISH. The only purpose of creating this website is that people can get help in some English languages. Friends, there is much such information in our lives, which we need to know but we do not get information at the right time, we often go back. This is our only effort. You can give information to all of you through this website in English. Master Mind Trick has only one purpose, to bring new information to as many people as possible, complete information about any topic on this website will be given in English. By which people can get some information.

Friends, this was my website and I hope to introduce myself. Get new information every day for you. And the information you give to me is available on this website. Thank You