iRobot launches robotic vacuum cleaner in India - MMT

American company iRobot launches robotic vacuum cleaner in India - MMT

America's Robot-based company iRobot has launched two robotic vacuum cleaners Roomba i7 and Roomba i7 + in India. These robotic vacuum cleaners equipped with Artificial Intelligence (AI) are able to clean your house by mapping your house. A consumer can download its app 'Rumba Home' in its phone and operate it from anywhere.

robotic vacuum cleaner in India - MMT
iRobot launches robotic vacuum cleaner in India

Roomba i7 and Roomba i7 +

The company claims that its robotic vacuum clean can remember the different types of ten-floor plans (home map), which makes it clean the house. These two products of the company are ready for sale from today ie 21st February. They can be purchased from Amazon with the Chroma Store. If price, then Roomba i7 has 69,900 rupees and Roomba i7 + 89,900 rupees.

The company told in its launch event that the device starts working as per the instructions from the app. This robotic vacuum can clean the clean carpet and the floor thoroughly. The cleaning head of Roomba i7 and Roomba i7 +, automatically adjusts and pulls dust-clay particles lying in the floor. In this, a loose brush swings down, which makes it easy to clean the sticking dust on the floor.

With the help of Consumer App, you can see where the robot has cleaned it. From this app, he can also give instructions for cleaning. The consumer can schedule the robot to clean the whole house, and then he can clean the room for different rooms at different times.

The dust mud from Roomba i7, where the consumer has to evacuate himself. At the same time, in Roomba i7 +, it is automatically drained in the Dustbag located in Automatic DD Disposal. Automated DD Disposal can be purchased separately, which costs Rs 37,900. Dustbags must be cleared in about four to five months or when they are filled, which gets the notification on the app.

There will be three dustbags with Roomba i7 +. After that dustbag packs will be purchased offline or online. The cost of dustbags will be around Rs 1800, in which three dustbags come. The company said that this Roomba i7 and Roomba i7 + get a two-year warranty.

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