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New Airtel Service: Airtel Wi-Fi Zone, Prepaid 

In the Indian telecom industry, we are going to be competing with our subscribers for the purpose of being competitive for other telecom providers. Issue of competition between the company and its companies is based on the plans and plans of the customers, which is where they will go and move on. Inhi offers and offers Airtel Wi-Fi zone services for Airtel customers to their customers.

New Airtel Service
New Airtel Service

New Airtel Service

The service through 500 subscribers is connected to a Wi-Fi hot-spot. Initially, this service started for the prepaid user. This service will be launched for the postpaid user. To subscribe to the Airtel subscriber, this service is free. If you want to use the service you want to use, you can use the same service.
  1. download my airtel app for your smartphone
  2. open the my airtel app
  3. scroll to "airtel wifi" click on connect now
  4. accept permission and click on "connect" 
  5. you are now connected to airtel wifi
Yeh service especially for public places, like colleges, hospital, airport, and other places. To get the benefit of this service, you will be able to access the Airtel Wi-Fi zone in your phone, in the My Airtel App. If you request any request, please send an OTP request. If you want to connect to the Wi-Fi network by going to the Airtel user's option, click here. If you click on the Issue option, you can use the Internet connection to connect to a Wi-Fi connection.

Abhi yeh service Delhi, Pune, Hyderabad and some of Karnataka's most visited destinations. The company will also send an update to the same service as soon as possible. Please send me 10GB of data to the user's service in the user's account.


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